For every choice made people always try to find reasons to justify their choice. Well, that is normal for any same human as weighing your options would positively influence your decision making. Now, put that into A ‘level programme CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB. As a candidate who is about to apply for CAMBRIDGE, there is every possibility that you might have come across JUPEB. You might have been misled uninformed people about any of the program which might have influenced your decision. Not to worry, on our blog, we are dedicated to giving you reliable information about programmes like CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB.


Also, on our blog, we are dedicated to serving you better by making this processes easier for you through updated steps and guidelines on how these programme are being run. Since our goal in this article is clearly to differentiate between CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB, at the end of this article, readers should be able to also clearly identify the differences, similarities, fees involved with both programme and importance of JUPEB and CAMBRIDGE.



Cambridge A-level is an examination body with the government’s approval. This programme was first introduced in the December 2013 in Nigeria. The programme witnessed a restructuring in April 2014 when about ten Universities partnered together with the premier university- University of Ibadan spearheading the restructuring. It might interest you to know that this prograamme is being moderated by Cambridge University, United Kingdom and as such, it is being approved by this university governing body.

A programme specifically designed for student who are unable to gain admission into regular degree programmes in Nigeria. He programme is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for candidates who cannot gain admission to regular degree programmes in Nigerian Universities for various reasons as it is applicable.


While JUPEB is an examination body that has government seal of approval. JUPEB was approved in December. This program was then officially announced in April 2014. As for the moderators, this program is being moderated by about ten (10) other universities with University of Lagos leading the partnership.

approved by the federal government of Nigeria in December 2013. JUPEB is officially an approved and certified body. JUPEB also runs A’ level programme.

Apart from that, JUPEB currently has study centers in almost all over the country JUPEB in her entirety was introduced to ease JAMBs admission process.


Similarities between CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB

Follow through as we carefully outline the similarities of both programme.


  • CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB is both an approved and certified body by the Nigerian Universities Commission as A ‘level Direct Entry Entity
  • Timing of both CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB are is almost the same as both is run within a year.
  • Both programme has equal number of semesters which is usually two (2)
  • CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB Both programme is open to all interested candidates nationwide and any course can
  • Both Programme are strictly for A’ level admissions and cannot be used to apply for job opportunities.
  • Both programme can bean be done at various accredited institution or affiliated study centers nationwide, while the final examination and certification comes from the moderating bodies.
  • of study.
  • Marking and grading system for CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB is according to points.


Differences between CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB

After explicitly talking about the similarities, it would be perfect and complete if we explicitly talk about differences. The comparisons and contrast are what makes a perfect analysis and as such, we will delve into the differences for clarity sake. Truth be told, both exams has it’s Achilles heels and the apple’s eye. Knowing this is going to influence your decision and trust me, whatever decision you make after reading this article is simply the best because it must have been influenced by quality and in-depth analysis of reliable information. Now, let’s deep dive into the real Information.

  • Tuition fees: CAMBRIDGE has one of the pocket friendly fees among all bodies running A ‘level programme. This, we can confirm as this is our forte. CAMBRIDGE fees is quite cheaper compared to JUPEB fees. The cost of JUPEB on the hand begins from N150, 000 in some partnering universities and N450, 000 in some JUPEB affiliated universities.  Not only that, application form for CAMBRIDGE is N25,000 while application form for JUPEB is above N15,000.


  • Moderation:CAMBRIDGE is being moderated by University Of Ibadan, Zaria while JUPEB on the other hand is being moderated by the University Of Lagos.


  • Popularity: As forerunners of both CAMBRIDGE and JUPEB A ‘level programmes, we can categorically state that CAMBRIDGE has the largest attention and from students and public awareness across the nation. This is due to its long tine existence. As we have stated in the introductory paragraph, JUPEB on the hand is also popular but not as popularly known as CAMBRIDGE because it is barely 10 years since its inception.


  • Schedule: Normally, Cambridge A’ level programme in Nigeria has three cycles. One in January, another in May and the final one in October while JUPEB is done in May/June every year.


  • Acceptability: According to statistics, CAMBRIDGE is widely accepted as it stands at about 100% acceptability level from Top Universities across the nation.


Finally, this marks the end of or versus edition. Do well with this information, search through our blog and read extensively for knowledge sake as regards all the prgrammes. This would enlighten you and consequently influence your decision making. Share this information if you find it useful.


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