How to gain admission without JAMB in Nigeria into Any Nigerian University

How to gain admission without JAMB in Nigeria into Any Nigerian University

Welcome to our blog. What you are about to read is a run down of all our articles. This is to ensure you have all details captured in one article and as such, this forms a basic summary of all our programmes.
Some of what we discussed includes admission into UNILAG while we consider all the possible ways and programmes that an applicant can leverage on to secure admission into UNILAG. We discussed JUPEB, NABTEB and CAMBRIDGE. We didn’t highlight IJMB here because UNILAG does not accept IJMB. For explicit understanding, let us run through this again. To gain admission into UNILAG without JAMB , you have to run certain advanced level programme. Registering for one of these A’ level programme is what qualities you for admission through direct entry.

Also, not all A ’level programme is acceptable as an entry-level requirements hence, the need to enlighten you. The acceptable advance level programmes acceptable for admission into 200L in UNILAG without JAMB are JUPEB, Nabteb A’ level and Cambridge A’ level programme. How then do you go about these programmes? You can read through our blog, we have articles explaining all. You need to know about all these programmes but let’s give a quick overview of all these programmes.

Before we move forward, please note that University of Lagos do not accept IJMB as an entry level requirement. Don’t be fooled or scammed.


JUPEB is almost widely acceptable by most universities. It has been around for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, we have a JUPEB centre in University of Lagos. This follows through as a back up to its credibility. It’s an examination body that has government seal of approval. JUPEB was approved in December. This program was then officially announced in April 2014. As for the moderators, this program is being moderated by about ten (10) other universities with University of Lagos leading the partnership.
approved by the federal government of Nigeria in December 2013. JUPEB is officially an approved and certified body. JUPEB also runs A’ level programme.
Apart from that, JUPEB currently has study centers in almost all over the country JUPEB in her entirety was introduced to ease JAMBs admission process. It doesn’t matter if you register at any of the verified centre, if your choice of University is UNILAG and all requirement are met, you will be admitted. All you need to do is pick up the application form of #15,000 and follow through from there. For more information, you can visit the JUPEB website.


This is also an A’level program. But this direct entry programme is limited to certain set of people. You have to be either in the business technology or administrative field which should of course align with your course of study before you can be eligible. This ultimately implies that only business related course in UNILAG accepts this as an entry level requirement. To gain admission using this method, upon confirmation of your course of study and it’s availability in UNILAG, you go further to pick up your application form. Full details on how to go about it is also on our website. Feel free to check through it or visit the nabteb a’level website for more information


Another way to gain admission into UNILAG without JAMB is through Cambridge A’level Direct entry examination. This is also an A’level programme which is acceptable in all university across the nation. It is regularized by the University of Ibadan.

Although there are other institutions UNILAG Cambridge A’’level programme, it is imperative to know that only verified centres are advisable to avoid future irregularities. How to apply for this programme have also been explained in our previous articles. Go through our blog to read on how to about it. Also, you need to pick up an application form for this programme as well.

Eligibility Criteria For DE Admissions In UNILAG

Basically, all applicants of the University If Lagos applying for direct entry admissions are required yo possess at least five O’level passes in relevant subjects at more than two sittings.
Also, there would be an aptitude test for all direct entry applicant of UNILAG. Content of the aptitude test would involve just four subjects relevant to your field of studying.

PLEASE NOTE: All the programmes disclosed above follows the same process for all the schools taking them but a run down would be done again in subsequent paragraphs.

We also discussed IJMB and all thet it entails. IJMB is another programme that we really gave an in-depth explanation and analysis about. We went as far as giving the requirement for each the programme and how you can go about it but first, let’s have a run down alsom


IJMB is simply an acronym for Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. IJMB was first introduced in 1976 by Interim Common Services Agency. Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination has then been moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and different study centers across the nation. IJMB had a clear goal since its inception – to provide student with the opportunity of securing admission into regular programme in their preferred choice of University.



Credibility is what a lot of persons look for before they register for a program. They try to make enquiries if there are past records of success. This is also I the case of IJMB, true. Quite a lot still doubts the credibility of IJMB. Well, I am here to tell you that IJMB is a program you can trust with all your heart. In fact, IJMB has had quite a lot of successes that even your next neighbor should have been a partaker. Asides the fact that we have been in existence fi=or quite sometimes, we have been able to help students in achieving their dream admission into their dream university and into their dream course so yes, you can trust us.



This question has been asked over a thousand times. For emphasis sake, IJMB program runs within nine (9) months. Apart from that, this nine (9) months is an academic year with only two semesters

Must I Register my IJMB Program At My University Of Choice

The answer to this is No, your IJMB program does not need to be in Ilorin before you can be admitted using that IJMB result. As a matter of fact, your Centre has zero influence on your chances of securing admission with your IJM results

Can I Study Medicine With My IJMB Results?

Absolutely yes!. As a matter of fact as long as you meet the requirements of your preferred university, you have no issue at all. IJMB result can be used to secure admission into any of your preferred course of study to any of your preferred university as long as it is accepted as an entry requirement.

What is the Validity Of IJMB Certification?

For the record, IJMB certificate or results does not expire. As a matter of fact your IJMB results/Certificate is yours and yours only for life and it has no expiry date. It is still valid after 50 years of been awarded. This means it is valid for life.

As An IJMB Applicant, Can I Also Take JAMB Form?

Of course Yes. As IJMB applicant, you can also take JAMB form. What tgus does is increases your chances of securing admission either through direct entry or through ITME. Summarily, it gives you quite an option.

How much Does IJMB Application Cost?

Tuition and application fee varies. It depends on your Centre and choice of course but averagely, cost is about Seventy thousand naira (#70,000). Also, you can pay in installments.


How difficult Is IJMB Examination?


IJMB is easy to pass and it is not difficult at all. For every examination, proper preparation follows through with potential success. This invariably implies that aa long as you follow all guidelines, IJMB is easy to pass.


On The Scale Of 1-100, What’s The Possibly Of Securing Admission With IJMB


Data has confirmed that yearly, IJMB records about 80% success rate. So, as an applicant, you have about 80% chance as long as all guidelines are followed through.

What is our role in IJMB?



We are an approved body of IJMB. Not just that, we also serve as s partner with various IJMB study centers across the nation. Our sole aim is to register prospective IJMB students to study cebtres closer to you and that is the advantage we have over others


– We also discussed the IUFP programme in it’s entirety. International University Foundation Programmes is a foundation with series of courses that prepares students for the outside world. Courses offered in International University Foundation Programmes ranges from Law; Art and Design; Engineering, Social Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Media, Humanities, Business, Finance among others


We also discussed the Aim Of The International University Foundation Programmes. Let us summarize the aims then.
International University Foundation Programmes was designed for applicants unsuccessful applicants of Ryerson who were not selected for undergraduate studies. International University Foundation Programmes provides students with the opportunity to join the Ryerson community and enjoy success in their studies with continued support. Also, International University Foundation Programmes

was also designed for students who wants to study in an international university but do not meet the minimum qualification to be admitted.



International University Foundation Programmes (IUFP) Eligibility

For applicants who are willing to try out the International University Foundation Programmes, first, you need to register for IELTS. IELTS is basically an English Proficiency test where your level of understanding, fluency and writing of English language is being tested. It is a certification needed as a support to International University Foundation Programmes.

You need a minimum IELTS score of 4.5 for applicants of International University Foundation Programmes who are international students wishing to study a foundation course Please note, any IELTS with score below 4.5 is not acceptable


Also, for International University Foundation Programmes who has no formal English qualifications, you may need to attend an English language course or college before you begin your International University Foundation Programmes.

WE have been able to establish the basic eligibility for International University Foundation Programmes, now let us deep dive into the basic documents as el as requirements needed.


International University Foundation Programmes Requirements
For International University Foundation Programmes, below are some of the requirements as well as documents needed for application.


Minimum IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent

  • Higher Secondary transcripts
    Reference letter from your high school teacher
    Personal statement
    Higher Secondary School Certificate
    Scanned copy of passport and visa
    Completed application form
    You must have completed all secondary and primary education
    Basic language proficiency depending on the requirements in the country of choice.




Benefits Of International University Foundation Programmes

Easy Access To Foreign Universities

International University Foundation Programmes helps you gain direct access to foreign universities. International University Foundation Programmes is not just any prgramme, it gives you that required edge needed to be a champion


Relevant Qualification For Your Future Studies

International University Foundation Programmes provides you with specific skill set as well as knowledgeable insights needed for university admissions abroad. Refined lectures, specific teaching an impart geared towards a specific goal will give you the edge even more than international students.


Knowledge About Culture

International University Foundation Programmes is a one year prgramme and as such, upon completion, you would have been used to the culture of your potential environment and the nation at large. It prepares you for what you need to expect on the long run. Also, it makes studying easier in your potential country of study. Not only that, you are equipped with the knowledge of paper works and all formal steps needed to go through with your studies in your potential country of study.

Other added benefits include;

Increased chances of admission
Better language proficiency


JUPEB was another programmed we discussed. The process is the same with the UNILAG JUPEB we highlighted above but let’s have a quick run down of why the programme is needed.
JUPEB has proven to be efficient in terms of delivery. They have saved thousands if not millions of students the stress of going through JAMB examination yearly. As such, I will be demystifying certain misconceptions of people as regards JUPEB. I hope after reading this article, you will be enlightened the filter whatever you hear about JUPEB next time. Enough of the talk!, now let us deep dive.

1. Cost.
Some people feel JUPEB is expensive. Truth be told, the fee is a little bit high when compared to that of IJMB but what people fail to understand is the cost running JUOEB programme by the governing body ia quite high. Expenses incurred to make students and applicants comfortable is high and this is due to JUPEB’s aim at giving just the best to students and applicants. With whatever you are paying, you get value for your money in full measures.

2. Studentship
Another misconception is that people feel JUPEB is an institution where working certificates are issued. This is a general misconception. JUPEB is rather a body responsible for A’ level programme which could help secure you admission into university of your choice. As a matter of fact, this program is coordinated, majorly by the University Of Lagos. It has never being an institution where years of study is being sent. Reason for this misconception is largely due to JUPEB’s way of handling students. JUPEB through its critical and careful handling of students prepare them for live on the campus. This makes it easy for student settle in without hassles. JUPEB has really proven to help quite a lot settle in at the various universities. JUPEB is not a university. Please take note

3. Working Certificate
Another set of people have this belief that with JUPEB certificate, you are qualified for certain job positions. That is a big fat lie. JUPEB certification has never been a requirement to fill a certain job position. JUPEB certificate is solely used to secure 200L admission into tertiary institution that accepts it as an entry level requirement


4. Learning Environment
I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling JUPEB lack conducive environment fir learning but rather blame students who goes to unverified sources to take JUPEB application form. Quite a lot of people or entity now parade themselves as authorized JUPEB centers. This is where applicants get it wrong. To enjoy the full benefits of JUPEB as a program, you have to go through verified sources , our organization for instance. We are a verified source and registering with us guarantees you all the benefits that is accrued to JUPEB. We have had hundreds of testimonies and trust ne, no negativity for once because we always give absolute all to our clients. You can contact us on 0810 508 7367 (WhatsApp or Call), typically, we reply all enquiries within 10 minutes.

5. Zero Concentration Level
This boils down to the same thing we made mention above. Distractions comes I different form but when you register with us, be assured there is nothing like distraction. We give 100 % attention to.our students. We have different people from different background and coexistence is a thing in all of our centers. Strict and adequate measures are pit in place to ensure there are no distractions of any sort across our centers

6. Excessive Lectures
A lot feels JUPEB lectures are usually too much. This is not so as only what you need are being taught. Our center for instance have classes scheduled periodically in a way to accommodate everyone irrespective of your background. For our JUPEB program, there are scheduled breaks as well. All these are put in place in order not to choke or discomfort any of our applicant. We guarantee you a run for your money.

7. Difficulty In Examination
Is JUPEB so hard to pass? I laughed out loud when someone asked me this. As far as I am concerned, JUPEB has proven to be lifesaver to a lot of students. JUPEB program is easy to pass and that is a fact. JUPEB has recorded over 70% success for student over the past years. So yes, JUPEB examinations are not difficult to pass.


Another programme was the Amhadu Bellow University and KWASU Diploma Programmes. We listed the courses, requirements and how to go about it. You can check through our page for the Ahmadu Bello article. Ahmadi Bellow was explicitly explained but since we still have some areas to touch about the KWASU programme, let’s summarise the KWASU diploma programme.


The governing body of KWASU introduced KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology and KWASU Foundation Diploma Programme to give students alternative means for tertiary admissions in Kwara State University. Also, it was designed to equipped students with necessary business and information skills for end produce efficiency

KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology: All that you Need To Know

As discussed in the introductory paragraph, the KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and Communication Technology program was primarily introduced to sort the problems fazed by advanced information technology as well as mass communication and business technologies. KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology provides extensive knowledge and skills in the information technology (IT). To put into context, it provides students extensive knowledge about business. KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology provides you with the expertise to perform in high level specific areas.

KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology has different levels of specialization and they would be listed below


– Information Technology

– Mass Communication Technology

– Business Information Technology

The above listed specialization are the only three business and information courses being offered in the KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology.


For people looking to apply for the KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology, you must possess at least five (5) O’ level credit passes in basic subjects as applicable to your choice of course at not more than one sitting or six (6) O’ Level credit passes in relevant subjects as applicable to your choice of course in nit more than two sittings.

Also, for applicants who are looking into processing Direct entry into Kwara Sate University through Direct Entry, upon completion of the KWASU Diploma Programme in Information and communication technology, you are require to apply for admission into 200L at Kwara State University or any other tertiary institution of their choice.



We also discussed NABTEB and it’s significance. Let us summarise the significance of the programme in briefly also.


Because of lack of popularity, many are of the opinion that NABTEB has no significance at any level. Well, I understand that lack of adequate information might have led to you weightless conclusion. That being said, I will be explaining the significance of NABTEB and how it can facilitate your admission into 200L in your preferred institution.

With any of the NABTEB A-Level programme, you are getting more than you paid for i.e. you are getting value for your money. Why? This is because as a successful NABTEB A-level applicant, you are automatically seen as a technician graduate. With this alone, you are qualified to get employed directly into any junior-level position otherwise known as level 5 across technical areas.


Also, with any of the NABTEB A ‘level certificates, you are avail with the opportunity to further gain admission into any of your preferred tertiary institution so far they accept NABTEB A ‘level as an entry requirement. NABTEB A ‘level certificate is accepted widely across specified university or institution in Nigeria. Another perk to the NABTEB A’evel prgramme is that you are automatically admitted into 200L in your proffered institution.

NOTE: Only business or technical related courses are can be processed using the NABTEB A ‘level certificate. This course ranges from Accounting, Banking & Finance, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Financial management courses and so on



Important things to note about Cambridge A ‘levels in Nigeria:

Cambridge A’ level in Nigeria is approved by the federal government of Nigeria. Interestingly, the federal government of Nigeria has a dedicated platform for applicants to ease securing admission into the university both home and abroad.


This programme is certified by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC). Cambridge A ‘Levels has the seal of Nigerian University Commission as it qualifies student to secure admission into tertiary institution through direct entry.

Success Rate
According to statistics, Cambridge accepts about 21,000 applications every year and about they record about 70% success rate. This implies that as an applicant, you are guaranteed about 70% chance of success and admission into Universities of your choice provided they take Cambridge as an entry requirement. Also, you have to read and pass well in your Cambridge examinations.


Applicants for Cambridge A ‘levels are required to choose any three A level Cambridge Subjects combination as related to their potential course of study. Also, you are required to to general subject- English language to go with the subject combination.

Furthermore, Candidates are then being taken through extensive teaching and tutoring for a specific period of time in selected approved Cambridge A’ level study centers. At the final stages of the extensive lectures, candidates are then subjected to an examination which you are expected to pass. Upon completion, Candidates can then progress in making use of their Cambridge A ‘levels to secure admissions into 200l across various Universities in Nigeria though JAMB direct entry.


Finally, we discussed admission into universities with low JAMB score as well as gaining admission into schools you did not choose. We even went further to shed light on admissions with JAMB as that is our forte. All of this have been summarized above and I hope you, the reader have been really equipped. Stay glued to out blog and share this information to your friends and family.


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