IJMB And Some Of The Untold Truth

We have dropped detailed review as regards the IJMB program but we look to achieve with this article is to make sure there are no stone left unturned. Remember, we are dedicated to making sure you secure that your next admission on your next trial and as such, this article will be addressing something of sort. We have made mention of IJMB before but for the sake of those who were not clear, we are doing another version.

We are dedicated to serving you better by making this processes easier for you through updated steps and guidelines on how these programme are being run. The good news we will be sharing here is IJMB. IJMB ha proven to be one of the best prgrammes simply because of it’s credibility.

Before we uncover some of the mysteries, let us look at what IJMB really means



IJMB is simply an acronym for Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. IJMB was first introduced in 1976 by Interim Common Services Agency. Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination has then been moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and different study centers across the nation. IJMB had a clear goal since its inception – to provide student with the opportunity of securing admission into regular programme in their preferred choice of University.



Credibility is what a lot of persons look for before they register for a program. They try to make enquiries if there are past records of success. This is also I the case of IJMB, true. Quite a lot still doubts the credibility of IJMB. Well, I am here to tell you that IJMB is a program you can trust with all your heart. In fact, IJMB has had quite a lot of successes that even your next neighbor should have been a partaker. Asides the fact that we have been in existence fi=or quite sometimes, we have been able to help students in achieving their dream admission into their dream university and into their dream course so yes, you can trust us.




This question has been asked over a thousand times. For emphasis sake, IJMB program runs within nine (9) months. Apart from that, this nine (9) months is an academic year with only two semesters


Must I Register my IJMB Program At My University Of Choice




The answer to this is No, your IJMB program does not need to be in Ilorin before you can be admitted using that IJMB result. As a matter of fact, your Centre has zero influence on your chances of securing admission with your IJM results.


Can I Study Medicine With My IJMB Results?


Absolutely yes!. As a matter of fact as long as you meet the requirements of your preferred university, you have no issue at all. IJMB result can be used to secure admission into any of your preferred course of study to any of your preferred university as long as it is accepted as an entry requirement.


What is the Validity Of IJMB Certification?


For the record, IJMB certificate or results does not expire. As a matter of fact your IJMB results/Certificate is yours and yours only for life and it has no expiry date. It is still valid after 50 years of been awarded. This means it is valid for life.




As An IJMB Applicant, Can I Also Take JAMB Form?


Of course Yes. As IJMB applicant, you can also take JAMB form. What tgus does is increases your chances of securing admission either through direct entry or through ITME. Summarily, it gives you quite an option.


How much Does IJMB Application Cost?


Tuition and application fee varies. It depends on your Centre and choice of course but averagely, cost is about Seventy thousand naira (#70,000). Also, you can pay in installments.


How difficult Is IJMB Examination?


IJMB is easy to pass and it is not difficult at all. For every examination, proper preparation follows through with potential success. This invariably implies that aa long as you follow all guidelines, IJMB is easy to pass.


On The Scale Of 1-100, What’s The Possibly Of Securing Admission With IJMB


Data has confirmed that yearly, IJMB records about 80% success rate. So, as an applicant, you have about 80% chance as long as all guidelines are followed through.

What is our role in IJMB?



We are an approved body of IJMB. Not just that, we also serve as s partner with various IJMB study centers across the nation. Our sole aim is to register prospective IJMB students to study cebtres closer to you and that is the advantage we have over others


How Do I Identify Accredited IJMB study centers?


You can also confirm al accredited study centers across the nation through the IJMB website link we dropped above.


In conclusion, we have been able to satisfy all your hunger as regards any question related to IJMB.

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