JUPEB: Demystifying The General Misconception

JUPEB: Demystifying The General Misconception

Rumors travel fast and wide that the truth itself. Many have projected their personal experience which was as a result of their complacency, they project that negativity towards what they perceive as the source. Well, I am referring to JUPEB program. Of course, every program has its flaws, even JAMB itself. Your admission into that your preferred institution, I mean the university itself is not flawless. We all have our flaws and no system is 100% flawless -JUPEB inclusive. 

Even at that, JUPEB has proven to be efficient in terms of delivery. They have saved thousands if not millions of students the stress of going through JAMB examination yearly. As such, I will be demystifying certain misconceptions of people as regards JUPEB. I hope after reading this article, you will be enlightened the filter whatever you hear about JUPEB next time. Enough of the talk!, now let us deep dive.

1. Cost.
Some people feel JUPEB is expensive. Truth be told, the fee is a little bit high when compared to that of IJMB but what people fail to understand is the cost running JUOEB programme by the governing body ia quite high. Expenses incurred to make students and applicants comfortable is high and this is due to JUPEB’s aim at giving just the best to students and applicants. With whatever you are paying, you get value for your money in full measures.

2. Studentship
Another misconception is that people feel JUPEB is an institution where working certificates are issued. This is a general misconception. JUPEB is rather a body responsible for A’ level programme which could help secure you admission into university of your choice. As a matter of fact, this program is coordinated, majorly by the University Of Lagos. It has never being an institution where years of study is being sent. Reason for this misconception is largely due to JUPEB’s way of handling students. JUPEB through its critical and careful handling of students prepare them for live on the campus. This makes it easy for student settle in without hassles. JUPEB has really proven to help quite a lot settle in at the various universities. JUPEB is not a university. Please take note

3. Working Certificate
Another set of people have this belief that with JUPEB certificate, you are qualified for certain job positions. That is a big fat lie. JUPEB certification has never been a requirement to fill a certain job position. JUPEB certificate is solely used to secure 200L admission into tertiary institution that accepts it as an entry level requirement


4. Learning Environment
I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling JUPEB lack conducive environment fir learning but rather blame students who goes to unverified sources to take JUPEB application form. Quite a lot of people or entity now parade themselves as authorized JUPEB centers. This is where applicants get it wrong. To enjoy the full benefits of JUPEB as a program, you have to go through verified sources , our organization for instance. We are a verified source and registering with us guarantees you all the benefits that is accrued to JUPEB. We have had hundreds of testimonies and trust ne, no negativity for once because we always give absolute all to our clients. You can contact us on 0810 508 7367 (WhatsApp or Call), typically, we reply all enquiries within 10 minutes.

5. Zero Concentration Level
This boils down to the same thing we made mention above. Distractions comes I different form but when you register with us, be assured there is nothing like distraction. We give 100 % attention to.our students. We have different people from different background and coexistence is a thing in all of our centers. Strict and adequate measures are pit in place to ensure there are no distractions of any sort across our centers

6. Excessive Lectures
A lot feels JUPEB lectures are usually too much. This is not so as only what you need are being taught. Our center for instance have classes scheduled periodically in a way to accommodate everyone irrespective of your background. For our JUPEB program, there are scheduled breaks as well. All these are put in place in order not to choke or discomfort any of our applicant. We guarantee you a run for your money.

7. Difficulty In Examination
Is JUPEB so hard to pass? I laughed out loud when someone asked me this. As far as I am concerned, JUPEB has proven to be lifesaver to a lot of students. JUPEB program is easy to pass and that is a fact. JUPEB has recorded over 70% success for student over the past years. So yes, JUPEB examinations are not difficult to pass.

In conclusion, we have been able clear certain misconception as regards JUPEB. Do well to share this article with your friends to clear this misconception.
Good luck

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