Admission without JAMB is what we preach but what if you are not just interested. Some are lovers of JAMB examinations and processes and as such, they wouldn’t go for anything less than a JAMB examination. For people in this bracket, they are automatically potential post UTME student. Now, what if after the whole process, you happened to have a low JAMB score that automatically disqualifies you from your preferred institution’s post UTME or screening, What do you do? This is what we are about to explain in this article. Follow through and read line after line.

In these article, we won’t be tackling the issue of gaining admission with low JAMB score alone, but considering all cases that might have influenced your low JAMB scores and how it cam be solved.

Low JAMB score is relative. Someone with 250 who applied for Medicine and Surgery in University of Ibadan might he a low score depending on the percentage of success and failure in that particular calendar year while someone with about 190 JAMB who has applied for religious studies might have scored high as well depending on the percentage success and failure.

Now, let’s basically give you different scenarios on how to gain admission into university with low JAMB score which is dependent of your JAMB score and preferred course of study.
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Situation one : Medicine And Surgery Applicants with Less than 250

Like we have established in the introductory paragraph, JAMB score is relative. This is evident in JAMB applicants who had sores less than 250 and chose Medicine and Surgery as their most preferred course of study. Usual, considering the number of applicants for Medicine and Surgery across all university in the nation, the chances of you getting admitted with a score less than 250 is low. This is because the competition for Medicine and Surgery is usually on the high side yearly and as such, the high demand from students across board. Cut off points is set up to limit the number of Medicine and Surgery applicant.

Possible Solution: You should consider taking change of course or change of institution forms. Changing of course form or Change of Institution form is usually gotten to apply for a lower course or an institution with lower demand. By so doing, your chances of gaining admission increases greatly.

Situation two : Applicants With Score Above 180 But Less Than 200
Also, some set of persons score above 180 but less than 200. Usually, almost all federal university pegs cutoff marks at 200 but what happens if you are an applicant to one if these federal institution but your score is below 200? Usually, upon the completion of JAMB exams, there is always a release of statistics

of the percentage of passes and failure. Upon release, scores between 190 and 200 dominates the statistics which puts the average JAMB results to 180. Although, quite a lot of state universities accepts 180 as cutoff point and some of the federal universities as well but what if your preferred university fails to accept 180? Below is what you can do

Possible Solution: For applicants who score s between 180 and 200, possible solution is taking a change of course or institution form, sometimes even both. This is because competition for spaces in higher institution is increasingly skyrocketing yearly. Apart from that, scores between 180 and 200 do stand little chance of gaining admission because of the increasing influx of SSCE graduates who are also seeking for admission.


Situation 3 : Applicants With Score Above 170 But Less Than 180
Applicants who scored a little above but below 180 also are one sett of people with low JAMB score we need to consider. These set of people might find it difficult to secure admission from any university. As a matter fact, these set of people do not stand a chance at any reputable university . the only available option is applying for polytechnic admissions. Asides that, what can such students do to gain admission into University instead of settling for polytechnic? Please follow through.

Possible Solution: The truth is, at this point it’s quite impossible to point at any university at all that would take a JAMB score of below 180. As it stands, JAMB’s general regulation pegs University admissions at 180 which is almost universal. The only viable solution is going too a private university if you can afford it or go for polytechnic/NCE programme.

In conclusion, the above scenario are the most common scenarios and possible solutions has been proffered as well. That being said, there are other ways through which you cam gain admission with low JAMB scores. Some of these ways include applying for schools that does not take JAMB. We released an article as regards that in some of our latest release. Endeavour to read through our blog to see other ways you can go about such admissions.

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