Nursing School Admission Without JAMB

Welcome to another edition of our admission without JAMB. Here today, we will be writing extensively on admission into Nursing school without JAMB. Quite a lot have been asking us if it is possible to secure admissions into Nursing sxhool without JAMB. This is quite feasible as a matter of fact, it is a possibility. To secure that dream admissions into the nursing school, there are three ways but first, let us talk about admissions into Nursing school in general.
There is a thin line between nursing school admission and University nursing admissions. As a nursing school graduate, you are called a Registered Nurse while as a graduate of a university in a nursing department , you are awarded BSN which is Bachelor’s Degree.
Let us see ways through which you can secure that admission without JAMB.

1. Through General Nursing Programme

You can secure admission into the nursing school without JAMB through the general nursing programme. This is a programme where you are admitted and upon completion of your study, you are awarded a Registered Nurse Certificate. It usually runs for three years.
The approved requirement for entry level is five (5) O’level credit passes which must include all relevant subjects like Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Results acceptable are WAEC, GCE,NECO and some schools accepts NABTEB as well.
Note: Acceptable Age range for admission into Basic Nursing and Basic Midwifery Training programme is 18 – 35years .

2. Through Post Basic Midwifery Programme

As soon as you become a registered Nurse, you can apply for Post-Basic Midwifery so you can become a registered Midwife. As a registered Nurse of Midwifery, a practicing license could be issues to you and as such, you can begin a work-study program which gives you on the Job experience while also on training. During this programme, you will gain practical experience in an hospital environment and also work towards attaining a clinical specialization just at the certificate level through sitting for professional exams.

Programmes you can specialize in are listed below:
Medical-Surgical Nurse
Public Health and Policy Nurse,
Critical Care Nurse,
Medical-Surgical Nurse
Pediatric and so on

These specialization programs run for a full year except for the Nurse Anesthetist program which runs for 18 months.

For reiteration sake, you don not need JAMB for nursing school admissions as the body is independent of JAMB. This is why they are not being listed among the institution in the the arm of JAMB.
Institution understand JAMB’s board are:
All Universities irrespective of the ownership or governing body
All Polytechnics irrespective of the ownership or governing body
All Colleges of Education irrespective of the ownership or governing body
All Colleges of Health irrespective of the ownership or governing body
All Initiative Enterprise Institutes irrespective of the ownership or governing body

All school of nursing are rather, under the administration of Teaching hospitals like University College Hospital , Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, and so on. All these teaching hospitals then report to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. NMCN is the sole governing body that regulates all cadres of nurses and midwives in Nigeria

General Requirement

For applicants of schools of Nursing, you are required to have at least five (5) credit passes in relevant subjects like Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
Asides the general requirement, it is important to note that there are other primary requirement for you to be eligible for admissions. Why some get it wrong is because they only read headings ans refuse to read in-depth for knowledge sake. For nursing schools, although you don’t need JAMB, there are slme requirement which without it, admission into nursing school is impossible. Some of those things are:

– Applicants must be between 16, 17, 18, and above while seeking the admissions
– Applicants should not be pregnant before being admitted. Pregnancy may be accepted during the course but not before.
– Applicants should be ready to obtain the admission forms, partake in the entrance exams and interviews before being offered the admissions
– Applicants must be medically and mentally fit to be admitted


Now, we have equipped you with nursing school admissions without JAMB. What you need to know is that we are a dedicated organization who is focused on making sure admission into tertiary institution becomes seamlessly easy. This is why we keep bringing information to you.
Also note that reading deeply is what would guarantee complete understanding. Please do well to read deeply. Admissions into nursing school could seem easy but following due protocol is the key securing admissions into your dream nursing school.
Finally, if you have any question at all, do well to drop it at the comment section and please do make sure you share this piece of information if you find it useful.


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