Welcome to the University of Lagos edition of how to gain admission without JAMB. Reason we are doing this is because we promised to explicitly give you a compilation of top universities in Nigeria and how you can go about their admission process without JAMB.
University of Lagos is one of the top universities according to recent ranking of universities in Nigeria. Located at the heart of Lagos State, It sees a maximum influx of applicants yearly.
Consequent upon the influx of yearly Applicants, it also sees a maximum rejection if students. This means yearly, University of Lagos barely admits less than 20% of the total applicants yearly. It leaves you with the question- “how can I be among the lucky less than 20%” ? Well, that depends entirely on you.
To be among the lucky few who would gain admission into University of Lagos and to even be among the luck few who would make it without the stress of going through JAMB, then direct entry admissions is the way forward.
You must be familiar with the programme but then, to be informed, you have to have full understanding of the direct entry programmes university of lagos accepts as minimum entry requirement. Now let’s deep dive


To gain admission into UNILAG without JAMB , you have to run certain advanced level programme. Registering for one of these A’ level programme is what qualities you for admission through direct entry.
Also, not all A ’level programme is acceptable as an entry level requirements hence, the need to enlighten you. The acceptable advance level programmes acceptable for admission into 200L in UNILAG without JAMB are JUPEB, Nabteb A’ level and Cambridge A’ level programme. How then do you go about this programmes? You can read through our blog, we have articles explaining all. You need to know about all these programmes but let’s give a quick overview of all these programme.
Before we move forward, please note that University of Lagos do not accept IJMB as an entry level requirement. Don’t be fooled or scammed.

JUPEB is almost widely acceptable by most universities. It has been around for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, we have a JUPEB centre in University of Lagos. This follows through as a back up to its credibility. It’s an examination body that has government seal of approval. JUPEB was approved in December. This program was then officially announced in April 2014. As for the moderators, this program is being moderated by about ten (10) other universities with University of Lagos leading the partnership.
approved by the federal government of Nigeria in December 2013. JUPEB is officially an approved and certified body. JUPEB also runs A’ level programme.
Apart from that, JUPEB currently has study centers in almost all over the country JUPEB in her entirety was introduced to ease JAMBs admission process. It doesn’t matter if you register at any of the verified centre, if your choice of University is UNILAG and all requirement are met, you will be admitted. All you need to do is pick up the application form of #15,000 and follow through from there. For more information, you can visit the JUPEB website.


This is also an A’level program. But this direct entry programme is limited to certain set of people. You have to be either in the business technology or administrative field which should of course align with your course of study before you can be eligible. This ultimately implies that only business related course in UNILAG accepts this as an entry level requirement. To gain admission using this method, upon confirmation of your course of study and it’s availability in UNILAG, you go further to pick up your application form. Full details on how to go about it is also on our website. Feel free to check through it or visit the nabteb a’level website for more information


Another way to gain admission into UNILAG without JAMB is through Cambridge A’level Direct entry examination. This is also an A’level programme which is acceptable in all university across the nation. It is regularized by the University of Ibadan. Although, there are other institution UNILAG Cambridge A’’level programme, it is imperative to know that only verified centres are advisable to avoid future irregularities. How to apply for this programme have also been explained in our previous articles. Go through our blog to read on how to about it. Also, you need to pick up an application form for this programme as well.

Eligibility Criteria For DE Admissions In UNILAG
Basically, all applicants of the University If Lagos applying for direct entry admissions are required yo possess at least five O’level passes in relevant subjects at more than two sittings.
Also, there would be an aptitude test for all direct entry applicant of UNILAG. Content of the aptitude test would involve just four subjects relevant to your field of studying.

That being said, it is important to note that it is still important to take JAMB direct entry form as it is now compulsory requirement for your admission to be valid. Taking the JAMB direct entry form automatically implies that you have a Jamb registration number- a requirement for registration for UNILAG Direct Entry Screening. Upon completion, copies of your registration form should be submitted to the nearest JAMB office.


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